Fitting a longer spring to a GT RTS


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Before the summer rolls in, I plan to rebuild my RTS Team (again).

Many changes planned, all very non-period, and one area in particular is the rear shock.

I've got 3 options:

1. Stock noleen piggy back
2. As above, but with a ti spring
3. Risse astro

The noleen shock is in fine fettle, having come with the frame that I bought nos, and has done less than 100 miles.

The dilemma I have is this.

The risse shock, which was my preferred choice, does not have adjustable damping, but is light due to being an air shock. It's new, but i have a used, non-rts version with an adjustable damper. I was going to try and swap over parts to make an adjustable rts version, but don't know how, and don't want to ruin two shocks trying (though willing to try if I can find out how to make it work).

I came by a noleen shock recently with a ti spring. Its longer than the stock one on the rts, but it appears to fit with the spring preload adjuster wound out a fair bit.

Is there any reason not to go with the ti spring? With it being longer, will it expand under compression and hit the piggy back chamber?

Caught in 3 minds (or 4), can anyone help me settle on a plan?