Festive Frolics 2021 - Aftermath and pics


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Cool, I had stashed the bikes away for the winter but happy to get one out for the occasion 😁. Just need to decide which? Then I can keep OCP company at the rear of the pack 😂.


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Had a look through the stable today. My options are either the Fuchs or the Kilauea. Think I’m gonna go light and ridged so I’m gonna opt for the Kilauea. I’m looking forward to this ride, not been out for a good few months 😁. Good news is I’m not back till the 5th so I have a day to recover lol.


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yep, most defintely a "gravel" ride, with farm tracks, cycle paths and numerous other terrain mixed in.

theres even a bit of single track.

im intending to to a recce ride before new year to finalise the route.


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Merry xmas lads.

Did a recce of the first part of route yesterday afternoon to see how deans plantation was holding up. Pleased to say that the fire roads are open and the route I had planned out is manageable.

There’s a short section of boggy ground which I managed to ride, then a nice bit of singletrack which is interspersed with some hike a bike due to fallen trees.

Then my favourite bit of single track has survived, this is a flowy downhill section which is a blast on an mtb but requires a bit more caution on a gravel bike but is still great fun.

So the route is
Stage 1 dunfermline to deans plantation
Stage 2 deans down to culross via the west Fife way cycle path and nice blast through the bluther burn followed by a section of road then track.
Quick snack stop and culture visit in culross, for the outlander fans,
Stage 3 culross out round the ash lagoons to newmills with nice views over the forth.
Stage 4 Fife coastal path from newmills to Charlestown and then cafe stop in Limekilns.
Stage 5 short option limekilns up to dunfy via farm tracks and local woods
Stage 5 long option limekilns to aberdour via Fife coastal path passing inverkeithing and dalgety bay. Further cafe stop in aberdour if needed.
Then stage 6 aberdour back to dunfermline, via the legendary goats brae climb and then onto Cowdenbeath.

Short option is approx 25miles
Long option is approx 40 miles
Both are easy miles apart from the climb from sea level up to dunfermline which is unavoidable.

Thinking of meeting around 10.15 in the glen (Pittencreiff park for the non locals) with a start of 10.30am.

Clubby, jim etc you guys with long travel times welcome to have a breakfast roll at mine.

Think we have approx 8-10 folk coming along so should be a decent laugh and will most definitely be an easy paced social ride.
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