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Hi Guys,
For me, one of the best ever bike books is Kimmages Rough Ride, second to maybe Krabbes Rider and maybe 8 seconds... so....

Following a late night browse on steel-vintage-bikes (thought my wife had blocked the site...) a fresh bike arrived a week later - a 1992 ex RMO team bike ridden by Dante Rezze in the `92 Tour de France, fits in with my collection beautifully (ok, not the same year a when Kimmage was with RMO but Rezze was there at the same time as Kimmage in RMO in `87 and `88.

Condition is pretty good for a team bike, full mavic groupset and wheels (got to finish setting the brakes and gears up and put a fresh set of Veloflex Criteriums on there as the green period tubs are split). Cinelli bars and 130mm stem which is spot on for me as I`m a tall guy, plus I`ve swopped the original Time pedals for Shimao as I just can`t be ars*d to get yet another set of shoes with a different cleat setup.

Frame size is 58ish and weighs in at 20.5ibs/9.5kg including pedals - don`t know how it rides yet as I`m waiting on the tubs to arrive.

Cheers, Dan.












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Retro Dan":1rsbrxo3 said:
....Condition is pretty good for a team bike.....
Nice job done (and some minor issues to do). :D
Indeed a pretty good condition. Team bikes are normally worn out by the pro's. Not only for racing, but also in traveling. You'd better be a pro than its bike om a plain... :?
However sometimes there are some which are in rather mint condition. They only suffered from standing on a roof of a team car, or in the team truck. Also traveling is the cause of its wear and tear. Pro's are like carpenters, they use their bike just as a tool. Logic. And each year there is a new one (or more).


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Hi Dan,

Beautiful bike! And lots of history too. BTW the pro who owned this bike Dante Rezze, his father was the owner/designer of Excell tubes in France, Isidoro Rezze. His famous tubes used by alot of the pro's back then.




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Cool, had no idea... new tubs just arrived, if the tub tape turns up I`ll get it out for a test ride...

Though does anyone know the correct way to set up the brakes (Mavic are re-branded dia compe I believe) - you adjust using the rear nut, all good, then a couple of times after braking the brakes set to one side???

Thanks, Dan.