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Hope I’m in the right place. My next door neighbour asked me if I wanted an old bike frame before he took it to the dump. I said I’d have a look, with very low expectations. Tuns out it’s a 1987 Kili Flyer, almost complete, just missing wheels and with a rubbish saddle fitted. Obviously I said I’d save him a trip to the tip and take it off his hands. Anyone know where I can get a spec list so I can source appropriate wheels?
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Yes, That’s the one! As far as I can work out, it had Deore MT60 hubs and the rear was Uniglide 6 speed 126mm OLD. The rear dropouts measure 120mm so I‘m not sure if it’s been bent in slightly.
Not sure if this Ad, according to the info I do have from 1984 was shown here already

If yes, please apologize, I haven't checked the 200+ pages here.