Early Hetchins

Ahh, An urly curly! Would a professional refinisher paint over the badge? Looks a rattle can job to me. And definitely needs some period correct kit.
But they do fetch silly money...
Bar, headclip h/s and stem, and front wheel might be original, but restoration would surely cost more than finished value?

Saddle i can't believe would have survived whatever terrible series of events the other components went through.
The corrosion on those older parts doesn't speak well of the chances of the stays or bb area being almost rusted through.

The rest of the components are off a cheap bike of around 1980 i would guess.

Perhaps after spending 350 on the frame restoration it would be worth over 700? Maybe more if it has some genuine provenance.

Certain cassic cars once reached a point where a rusty pile of bits was worth a much as the restored example because of the demand for projects rather than museum pieces.