Hetchins traditional auction

What is with these sellers and auctioneers, a quick wipe over with a damp cloth too much to ask?
I see this with almost all stuff that gets sold through traditional auctions. Sometimes if it’s high end antique stuff then effort goes on to some presentation of the stuff being sold. Most of the auctions I see are like this one where it’s probably just volume house clearance. Maybe a thousand lots of stuff the relatives didn’t want to keep that the auction then collects, lists and sells in a week or so. Just lack of time? That said I love the look of stuff that has obviously come out of a shed. It looks more genuine to me like that………and maybe lowers the value a bit!
The frame is in better condition than the rest of it:
Chainset looks valuable - mechs are quite common, 600 headset, pedals perhaps. Recycle the rest?
No-one wants tubs really.
Saddle and clips look like it was left out in the weather😪
The auctioneer doesn't really want to touch them as they'd have clients kicking off that they scratched it or whatever.
Or exposed the crack.
So the state they are shown in is the responsibility of the vendor.
But imagine the day this Curly was new - sad it has ended up looking so unloved. A death in the family?😢