Wanted Dawes Edge / Raw Nerve / Off Limits 531/501


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Looking for a lugged early 90s Dawes in a medium size.

531/531 Magnum or 501.

Frame or full bike, cheap and scratched is ok! Ideally 1 &1/8 headtube.

Thanks very much.
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Got a dawes edge original dedicated single speed 17.5 I'm trying to keep but alassie to many bikes but no gears or AFAIK not Reynolds
It's got steel forks & doesn't include the deity grips & dust caps nor carbon Cages !


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Proper stealth look with that bike!

I'm looking for the even-older school lugged version though. Nice one anyway 👍
Cheers for the info Hamster - I couldn't work out if there was a 653 lugged version or not. But yeah, looking for lugged only.
No worries it's on for sale section here as wish it to go to a forum member eases the pain of loss of bike & the cash it swollowed !
I have a lovely '94 Edge XT. Frame and forks are fillet brazed 653, but possibly too small for you (15" ctr-ctr).