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Hi all, I have two identical Hope front hubs (Ti centers, alloy ends). They match perfectly, right down to the cracked flange on each 😂. My question is….. could I make one from two? Has anyone done/attempted this? Or are they just display items/bin fillers?
Cheers J
Thanks @Lucidone i knew I’d seen something about it in here before. Had a look but it didn’t jump out at me. I’m kinda at the point where I’m just gonna give it a go. No projects just now so I need something to occupy myself. One of the hubs is your old one, the other was free after a wheel rebuild for a mate (cracked hub being the rebuild reason).
Ive done it. Heated the hub in the oven to soften the glue then pulled it apart.

Used a simple epoxy to glue the undamaged one back on. You need to make sure you line up the holes or it isnt going to build right.

Oh yeah - It needs to be like for like as in identical hubs or the lengths will be different and you'll either be oversized or undersized.
If you separate it intact without damage then give it a go. Assemble and bond the hub with bearings and axle in place. This will keep everything concentric. Use masking tape to keep epoxy off the visible bits till it's together.
There is a youtube video of Paul Brodie swopping out an old Nukeproof flange.
I’m gonna go with the suggestion from @mdvineng I’ll source a bit of aluminium and see what I can spin up in the lathe. Stay tuned for updates.