Condiment containers, not fit for intended use.

Hi all, I have two identical Hope front hubs (Ti centers, alloy ends). They match perfectly, right down to the cracked flange on each 😂. My question is….. could I make one from two? Has anyone done/attempted this? Or are they just display items/bin fillers?
Cheers J
I’m gonna go with the suggestion from @mdvineng I’ll source a bit of aluminium and see what I can spin up in the lathe. Stay tuned for updates.
What’s the OD on the flanges
They look about 50mm to me. Camera angle makes it look like 49mm. My vernier is out in the shed, it’s cold, dark and wet outside so that’s as near as I can get at short notice 😂 IMG_7587.jpeg
Thanks for the offer, I’m not sure I’d trust the hub after a rebuild either with original uncracked flanges or new ones. I think I’ll just stick with the salt/pepper shaker idea. Less chance of injury that way 😂. I was only going to try a repair just for the fun of it.