chain rings no one wanted.

Forgot to include this. Why my math does not add up. As some are aware, I am including 104 bcd 4 bolts, bmx and all my Blackspire dh chainrings ( all bolt patterns). The numbers should exceed 400.
I didn't see a rodie there. I brought a 16" brodie expresso. Barely anyone looked. The rain didn't help.
Total count to be recycled 518.or whatever, leaving me. Combined 110, 96 and 104 bcd. Nobody wanted any?
In the last 6 months, of all the chain rings i posted. Only 2 were sent as a package. The rest were sent as a letter.


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Update. The task was done. The parts no one wanted.
Final count was over 600 rings, 40+ crank arms, 10 carbon handle bars and a few other parts. All new.
I did get a offer of $3000 for the chain rings. I declined and donated instead. The feel better was worth more.
That's bonkers. Only just seen this post, I'd have bought some and you'd have had the feel good factor of helping keep a retrobike or two going.

Shame. I think about all the energy and resources going in to turning perfectly good chain rings into something else. At least you aren't paying for storage now though.
Food for thought.
I brought a large number to the Vancouver swap met. Sold 0. Rent for the storage is just over $200. I posted the chainrings as a package only once in the last 6 months. The rest of the time they were posted as a over sized letter. Yes, most of them were sent international.
I didn't think the people whom has them now well sell them cheap or post them. They well help the low income and fix older bikes.
Sounds like they went to a good cause. Sometimes you can just be in the wrong place at the wrong time when trying to flog stuff - especially when you have large amounts of it.