chain rings no one wanted.


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Actually in Burnaby. For the members attending this
Bike swap meet, I well be bringing about 300 nos Blackspire epic chainrings. I well have both standard (110 bcd) and compact (94 bcd) sizes. I well also bring some 4 bolt 104 bcd. I well kot be counting the teeths. Your job. I well be selling these Blackspire Epic chainrings for $20 each! £11.7 each. I welcome bulk offers.
I well be donating (recycling) the rest on June 1. Closing my storage locker.


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No one wants any. AND I don't want to store them. Arrangements are already made. They're gone Saturday.
still want to get a set of three standard 110 bcd in black.
any tooth count, 44-34-24 something like that. could you
put them aside for me.
No, what stinks is only moving about 20 chainrings on Sunday and paying over $200 a month for storage.
Being that part of the world wont help things, shipping etc
All my bikes run on 24mm steel axle cranks, threaded BBs and 104 BCD NW chainrings,
had I been there and considering your now donating them. would have haggled for a load
or taken the box if the agreement was right. Sad to here of things wasted hopefully they get used
rather than melted.
Food for thought. I was offered $5 each shipped. Not even worth my time. I now get the feel good factor.
I don't know where you are. Most places can be shipped for about $20. (Canada post [air] small package.) I think 2 or 3 sets could be shipped for that.
I have about 200 narrow-wides. Keeping them for the future.