Carlton Lightweight Restoration Project - Help!


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Another thing to try (if you have it) is a vice and a socket from a set. You basically use the vice to press the cotter pin out and the socket gives it somewhere to go if/when it does let go. There are videos on the Tube of You.
@Iwasgoodonce Ahhhhhh this is a great shout! As it happens i have a clamp at work that might do the trick! Thanks a million


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Hello All - hope you're well
So I finally received a 62mm hook wrench I needed to get at the bottom bracket, does anyone have any advice on how to remove this? I've had a look online but nothing found specific, hoping you can help :)IMG_3374.JPG


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Either a large adjustable spanner, anti clockwise for this the near side, Clockwise for the drive side. (I’m assuming it’s a British thread) you may find it just as easy to pop it in a vice and move the frame from left to right.

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Although we had a special tool for fixed cups we generally didn't use it. Fixed cups went into a vice and the same happened with any adjustable cups that were reluctant to move.


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Put the bb cup in the Bench vice & grip onto the frame & turn.
soak it first with any penetrant.


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Morning All

Thanks for the advice on bottom bracket removal, managed to get it off eventually!

Axle is pretty worn on one side so looking to replace with new old stock - I've been looking on eBay and fire cloud cycles, is anyone aware if a 125mm vintage Raleigh spec with cups and balls would work? Or if anyone has advice on good websites for vintage spares - I'd be really grateful





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Bear in mind you have Raleigh 26 threads per inch, not the standard 24. Use 11 1/4 inch loose balls each side.