Can anyone identify these pedals?

Old Ned

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Sir Neil d'Menture":2lssziy3 said:
No worries.
I will never use them.nor sure how to get rid of them. Ebay and PayPal fees are a killer!
Advertise them here in For Sale section. I'm sure they'll soon sell as the parts are quite 'desirable' these days for restoring examples with missing items such as the clips and the triangular sections on top of the clips.


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As you guess, the pedals are Shimano - you can make out the base of the logotype on the picture along with the FD A550 model number.
I love the idea of them going in the "recycle" box, destined for a life being pedalled backwards.
I'd wager that the toeclip fixing pattern is sufficiently rare for them to be worth something with anyone with similar Shimano models. If only I liked Shimano stuff...

Sir Neil d'Menture

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Thanks. Yes, they are Shimano.
It was suggested that they had a value, so I put them in For Sale section, but got no takers.
Perhaps the suggested price was too high. Who knows?

I've found a guy who trades in old stuff so I might give him a shout. Too much hassle and too many fees for me to bother with the Bay of Eeees.

DMD David

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Shimano A550
Had some on an MBK that were in good nic
Quite heavy though
Me too, in fact I ought to put a set of them on my recently renovated MBK Mirage HPF which had lost a lot of its original 2x7 RX100 group set.
The rest is now reinstated but I went to A520 SPDs so I only need one set of shoes for both my bikes and can nip into the shops without taking them off to walk!
Back in the day, when I bought a similar bike new, it was the pedals which let me down as the tiny outer bearings failed and the loop at the top of the resin toe clip got rubbed through. I reckon the 600 tricolour stainless clips, which are other wise very similar, if less modern looking, are a better bet... But to some OE is all. 😊