c1988 Gecko Y File It - More California Steel


BoTM Triple Crown
BoTM Winner

All done. This one took a bit longer than I expected. The cable ferrules and bar size were a bit of an issue, but once I got those sorted it was a pretty easy build.

The Marinovative Decelorators will take a few rides to get set up, but they really work well once dialed in.

I like it a lot ... fit is great for me.

Frame: 1988 Gecko Y-File-It (Fillet Brazed)

Fork: Gecko Fillet Brazed

Headset: Early Chris King
Stem: Gecko Fillet Brazed
Handlebar: Salsa Moto
Grips: ODI
Barends: None

Brakes: Marinovative Decelerators (Titanium)
Brake Pads: Mathasuer
Brake Cables: Shimano XT
Cantilever cable hangers: Shimano XT
Brake Levers: Shimano XT733

Shifters: Shimano XT730
Front Derailleur: Shimano XT732
Rear Derailleur: Shimano XT732 (with Bullseye Pulleys)
Derailleur Cables: Shimano
Cassette: NOS Shimano XT
Chain: Sedis
Cranks: CQP (Cook Bros)
Crank Bolts: Shimano
Chainrings: Sugino
Chainring bolts: Shimano
Bottom Bracket: Shimano
Pedals: Shimano XT730

Hub Skewers: American Classic Ti
Rims: NOS Wolber AT20
Hubs: NOS XT730/2
Nipples: DT
Spokes: DT
Tyres: Specialized Yellow Label Ground Controls
Tubes: MEC

Saddle: Avocet R1 (1989 date)
Seatpost: 1st Gen Syncros
Seatpost Binder: Bolt


Prodigal Son

Retro Guru
Razor sharp looking bike. Your collection and builds are outstanding. Remarkable attention to detail. Inspired selection of parts.