Bob Jackson ceased trading


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Interesting.. so you think the old team and facilities at BJC are out the window and he is starting afresh with just the brand?

Well.. it’s a clean way of doing things commercially.. maybe not so from a continuity or heritage perspective, but hey ho. He’s entitled to make a living.


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Wonder if CW is behind the news flow or in front! Chronologically it’s getting hard to keep track...

When I spoke to Donald last Monday, he was pretty unequivocal about what was happening to the business.

No, they’re on it, this was Woodrup’s plan all along I’m guessing.... he now owns the name and can do what the hell he likes.

Classic negotiation gambit: threaten to pull out last minute and get further concessions as a result. May not have been intentional, but perhaps a growing realisation they were making more accommodations than they were comfortable with. And they issue not necessarily between Bob Jackon and Woodrup - but other parties.

I have stumbled across this gambit in the past once I realised the other side were going to keep making up unreasonable demands if I kept rolling over. A hard reset of saying, "No, I'm done. Time to call it off" sometimes uncovers whether someone is really interested. Always be prepared to walk away.