Azonic DS2.


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I wasn't entirely sure if this would be better placed here or in the 1998on forum. The DS2 frames are from 1996/7, but are often seen as much more modern as they have a younger audience.

This is the DS1 that I have had for years. It was built as a simple bike that is easy to ride, can be dismantled easily and stashed in the boot of the car for emergencies. I use it most often for running errands as the thing lives at work, and also as a mode of transport to get to and from the garage when the car is being serviced.


But it was never exactly what I wanted. I actually wanted the earlier DS2 frame, the geometry was slightly different and better suited as an every other day bike.

This pic was taken yesterday morning, before the strip down.


And then, the two were both available for comparison.


The frames are very close in weight, the DS1 at 2000g, and the DS2 at 1960g. You can clearly see the difference a year makes to the geometry.

And after building the older frame up.



The forks were a late choice. I'm not sure they'll stay as they don't really suit the remit of the bike being a workhorse. I'm a little scared I'll break them.


And I think I need to change the bars for something narrower and taller, I have something in the pipeline.
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That’s a beauty, nice work. I had a DS2 for a while and was impressed with the geometry and lightness. Spot on for bombing about on and tough enough for decent trail riding too. Good work. ;)62283002-876E-4AC9-AE9F-F48EDCAFD2C0.jpeg
I put some Marzocchi bombers on mine, nothing fancy but a fairly basic air fork seemed to suit it well.
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