Anyone heard of a Hooger Booger?


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oops. must have named jpgs the same & overwritten...thus, old link current image. old pic had no tires or drivetrain, otherwise same bike. only took me 4.5 years to complete!

sadly, the motivation is an upcoming swap meet...time to liquidate. been riding it a bit (mostly with a tot on a trike), and it is tons of fun to bash around on the balloon tires. i'm kinda hoping it doesn't sell.


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paul staffs

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Sorry I've not been on here for a while. I still have my Hooger Booger Blaster. It's not been used for a long time, but doesn't look 22 years old (well apart from the paint scheme). I live near Cannock chase, I used to ride over there on it, before the current tracks were made. Other than a few punctures, it never gave me any problems.


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My best friend had one HB Booster purchased new in 1992. It was a really nice bike, same painting as sian_c has on page1.

Unfortunatelly it was stolen from a building corridor in 1996.


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Just recommissioned my Hooger Booger Booster after too many years in shed. 52y.o. guy go tear up some trails! Love it, had it since ‘93. Pics to follow.


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I have a saddle for one of these. Looks like a Rolls San ?Marco at the back (riveted brass type plate across it) and Hooger Booger in white decals on the nose on either side.

Looks like it was made under licence either by or to resemble the Rolls saddle.


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This is hanging in the shed, trail ripping days on hold for a wee while