For Sale Anodised frost red Zaskar frame for a tenner?


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Thought I’d try something new to move a frame on but also give a lucky person a Zaskar for a tenner. Haven’t seen it done on here before and have just checked the rules it’s not against any I can see.

15 numbers from 1-15.

£10 each number.

You can buy more than one number.

You pick your number.

Once all numbers are chosen , I’ll contact each member for £10 by PayPal Friends/family only. Once everyone is paid I’ll video myself using a random number generator to pick the winner.

I’ll say a week roughly deadline and if numbers aren’t sold we can cancel it off. I’ll also do the same on the Zaskar owners group too but will update list here too.

UK only and I’ll sort the postage obviously.

Frame is a 97 Zaskar in frost red as below.

Comment here with you pick of number please

1.Miles Bartlett -PAID
2. Nigel Couzens. - FB PAID
3. PhillB- retrobike PAID
4. Wil225 - retrobike PAID
5. Tops5 - retrobike PAID
6.Philj80c - retrobike & fb PAID
7. Tsundere - retrobike PAID
8. Nigel Couzens - FB PAID
9. Jon adcock - FB PAID
10. Ianfish81 - retrobike PAID
11. DwUK2000 - retrobike PAID
12. Twozaskars- retrobike PAID
13. Denco.h1e - retrobike PAID
14. Daz95 - retrobike PAID
15. Ceo - retrobike PAID


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Obviously if two people pick the same number , it’ll be the first.

My plan is to ‘go live’ on the Zaskar owners FB group to make it 100% transparent for the draw so please join there too
Hi Dom, great idea. I’ll have 6 please. I’ll message on your facebook
Post as well so hopefully others will see

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