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I'll post up the link to the DMBinsS website that lists the current status of the forests/trail centres, it might save someone the chore of driving around only to find all the car parks closed ... Like I did this morning..... I should have checked before heading out 🙄

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They claim that was the fastest descent on Strathpuffer...... Hmmmmmmm🤔

Knowing Brian that was probably VERY off piste, possibly a parallel dimension where man never evolved and Dinosaurs still rule, a T-Rex probably knocked that "twig" down😁


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While you lot are indulging in your Saturnalian orgies, the more dedicated amongst us are working to improve the lot of mankind.

Tonight Santa's deliveries will be done on the new improved model of the Universal Cycle. As soon as I have got the panniers fixed, I'm off...

Merry Xmas, Ho Ho HO!

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Hmmmmm, my Universal bicycle weighs more than the collection of mighty books from which this report is extracted. I fear not enough hydrogen exists to float the creations of Universal Cycles Ltd.