And today I did......


MacRetro Rider
sounds good clubby. I had some initial thoughts about getting a guided ride iaround Feshie also as its huge and we've only done some bits of it. stunnig views as well. Will get round to it one year. Let us know how you get on with them.

just back from 2 weeks in Nethy Bridge, we love it up there, thinking of retiring to the neck of the woods lol.

you'll have seen from my strave I finally got round to doing the Burma road loop. Absolutely burst after it, very hard relentless climb and the downhill section was very washed out but still enjoyable. Hardest ride I've done. Be good for a macretor ride that one.

Never done Burma Road but on my list. Which way did you do it? Heard that it’s best starting at the south end and finishing at Carrbridge?


MacRetro Rider
yeah thats the way we did it.

Start at Aviemore, cross the A1 at Lunwig and up the barsteward of a climb. then down to carrbridge and back via Boat of garten for cake/pint stop and then speyside way to aviemore.

Could maybe plan in a weekend retro gathering in spring for this and some high burnside action !!