For Sale Alpine Stars Cromega DX


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We have this Alpine Stars Cromega frameset available. It is REALLY scruffy but here it is just in case there's someone who's up for a challenge! It's a donated bike to the Frome Community Bike Project in Somerset ( nr Bath). Someone has had a proper go at this but you never know - it might be save-able!
Seatpost seems to be stuck and its generally pretty poor but if anyone wants it, please let me know and its yours for a wee donation to the cause.


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Ouch, the poor thing. Looks like that post was stuck some years ago & someone hadn't heard of caustic...

That's the kind of thing I'd love just for the hell of it to bring it back to a scruffy-but-sound rider, Always fancied an E-stay too shame it's so far away & shipping likely prohibitive.
I really considered it to sit alongside the AL-MEGA I have, but that top tube and weld point at the top of the seat tube has had some SERIOUS heat put through it and both look buckled...I'd say those True Temper tubes are toast and lost all structural integrity now...Such a shame as it looks like a 15" and exactly the size I've been looking for! :(
I had a second glance at it....

Had one about 15 years ago, that had rusted through to pin holes around the BB, down tube.
Oof you're right, now I look again it does indeed look as if the tube has been heated cherry-red and distorted! Probably one for the scrapper sadly, unless someone is able to transport to Manchester very cheaply! (I'd have to consider whether to ride it or make wall-art after seeing it up close, potentially safe for pootling with a looooong seatpost)
It would look lovely in the cave, if nobody else can snag it I'm just waiting on @alexandlinda to get back re if they'd be happy to keep it around while I make an effort to see if anyone's travels enable some sort of rescue to be made. Really hate to see this go in the bin.