98 Marin Alpine Trail - Baby Bumble Bee - New Pix


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I bought a '97 Mount Vision a few months ago, silver with the original style trailing arm.

It must be one of the lightest mtbs I've used and climbs like a dream. A real joy to own and it's fairly clocking up the miles :)

I think the original Manitou Bulge front forks have seen better days though, despite a service they seem a bit lifeless. Might be upgrading those one day.

When I bought it the bike had the original tyres! It has the original XT 8 speed groupset with V brakes and it all works beautifully. You can keep your modern bikes, I like this one too much!

I want to polish the whole bare aluminium frame to a mirror finish, but I also want to use the bike and enjoy it. Such a dilema.......


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Quick update:

Frame: Marin Alpine Trail - Mt Vision rear end
Shock: Fox Vanilla R
Fork: Manitou Sherman Firefly 130mm
Headset: FSA DH Pig Pro
Wheels: Mavic D521 CD on Shimano XT disc hubs. Black spokes
Brakes: Hayes Nine with BFL levers and braided hoses. Hayes 203mm rotors
Bars: Easton EA30 (going to be changed to EA70's when I strip the Ogun)
Stem: Easton Havoc 80mm
Grips: Superstar Lock-ons
Shifters: Shimano XT
Front mech: Shimano XT
Rear mech: Shimano XT
Cassette: Shimano LX 9 speed
Crankset: Shimano ? 24,36,bash
Pedals: Shimano MX30
Seatpost: Raceface Atlas (27.2 shimmed to 30.0)
Seat: WTB ----------

Other bits:
Continental Vertical 2.3 tyres
Hope blanking bolts (gold).
Gold cable crimps.
Skull valve caps :oops:
Avid Rollamajig
M-part cable clamps for rear the hydro hose


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A few pics of the Bumble-bee.

The front wheel was changed to a yellow Rhodi Excalibur Fr but it's too yellow compared to the frame.
The D521CD will be back on this weekend.
Wheels were Mavic D521CD's on Shimano XT hubs.
The rear is now a D321CD on Hope Bulb.
The front will be a Mavic D521CD on a Hope Bulb.

On top of the mountain behind Barry Sidings Park in Trehafod.


Turned a corner on the way down and was confronted with an overflowed stream which had frozen.
I got off and walked past it.



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It was good to get out. Going down was good until I got round the corner and saw the 'river' of ice. I thought about riding around it briefly, very briefly. Got off and walked round it :oops: :LOL: