93? Klein Rascal Rekscue Project


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This is such a nice thread - lovely bike and the work and attention going into it is inspirational! Nice one looking forward to the next stages


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Well I needed to be a bit of a contortionist, and had to hold my to tongue a couple times so I didn’t curse out loud but i manage to pull the noodles through the frame. Used needle, thread, gravity and a beefy magnet to get these through. A second set of hands would have made the job a lot easier. More progress and more lessons learned.


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Another one of my stresses was remounting the bottom bracket bearings. I intended to use a large C clamp to press the drive side bearing in but it wasn’t strong enough. My wife thought I was losing my mind when she found the shaft and bearings in the kitchen freezer🤓 i found a socket from a ratchet set that was very close to the bearing outside diameter and with some backing a some cautious hammering i was able to get in. Putting in the no drive side went similarly poor. Bearing actually went in more easily but the alignment was off on the drive side bearing and the shaft turned but with a lot of friction. I used my depth probe on my caliper and found that it one 1 mm out of square to the frame. Couple firm taps with hammer and screw driver I was able to knock it into alignment and she spins wonderfully. 😥glad that’s done without any damage to paint or parts


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Current status, likely won’t change much for awhile as I build up funds to get the specific parts I need to continue.
Likely purple anodized canti's, cable set not sure housing color black likely, Ringle purple water bottle cage and likely new saddle Flite or Turbo maybe change handle bar to Syncros if I happen across something I like and oh ya not sure about the tires white would be dreamy or maybe tan wall? so ya basically done lol......


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so brain cramp on my part, the new Syncros bar I’ve been waiting for arrived, i was so excited then sooo crushed. The wide clamp portion of the stem will not accept the riser bar. Now what😥 settle for the Titec bar, find a 1” Syncros stem with hinged clamp or a flat Syncros bar with 5 deg sweep. Hmmff I’m not great at being patient and money not endless.


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There is a trick how to get a riser bar into a syncros stem. Put a coin or something metal inside and put the screws in on the downside of the stem, than you clamp the stem a bit open (because of the screw is pushing against the spacers or coin. Et voila it fits!