93? Klein Rascal Rekscue Project


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Well for my birthday presetI received this frame fork combo that needs to be brought back from it’s current low point to something i can be proud to own. 19” Rascal frame originally Pink and the owner spray bomb 1/4” of red paint over the whole thing cage bolts and all. My plans are to deconstruct down to raw then powder coat black and start over. Undecided as to finish colour as my idea change ever time I look at more bikes online🤷‍♂️


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So here my new project. I’ve noted in my thread title as being a 93 but after digging a little deeper this is a 91 Rascal.


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It was pink. House of colours was the brand pf the paint? I would restore to a moon rise or other beautifull color. This could be very nice 👍

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What about a polished finish, dont see many raw Kleins 🤔


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Like red with skin walls. Like raw with black and red but building a 2001 Kona Firemountain that’s scratching that itch. B38048CD-74F9-4D73-BB67-BEBF8C4C0F60.jpeg
really dig this one I found on the net. To me a Klein needs to have a different paint scheme than the average bike. I do however love a white frame with black trim🤔


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Well i put some paint stripper on this frame and let it sit for a few days and it really didn’t do much. I started scraping with a plastic scraper and made some small progress.It was when I switched to a metal one that things started coming off. I would guess that the average coating is 1/8” to 3/16” thick on this frame and is probably some sort of plastidip type product rather than paint. Why do I do this to myself lolDCC5F199-500A-4F31-B69F-DA3C093FCCA2.jpeg


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