90s Orange refurb - 9/10 STX 8spd and 7/10 Deore 9spd


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I’m going through my ‘Orange refurb parts’ boxes and coming across some Nice Things - good for really period restorations. Some more bits will be coming soon.

These shifters are like new, original stickers perfect, and were original fitment to C16Rs and P7s circa mid nineties. I liked them at the time since they were basically ‘trickledown XTR’ and looked like it too. There were two versions - one with black anodised clamps - like these - and one with polished clamps. Those really did look like XTR, and quite a few people would polish off the black anodising to get a finish to go on an upper range bike without the eye watering price of XTR, or the risk of smashing a 90gbp shifter in a minor ‘off’.

Absolutely bombproof, the STX groupset of that time - the only wrong decision was the nasty front mech, which was a mud-trap.

And also some mechanically 100% but cosmetically challenged 9sp Deore M510 from a long-gone Orange O2 Evo. Indicator window clouded as they all are. Rubbing on clamps. Hence 7/10.

For these, Deore 20:00 posted, STX 35:00 posted.
Pm for dibs.


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