7 speed indexing problems???


Senior Retro Guru
Ah - we run 30 front 11/10-42 on the back on the 29s, and 32 11/10-42 on the 27.5s - that’s 10spd and 11spd respectively - Eagle 12s has a dinner plate 52 on the back and we’ll move to that with reluctance but 10 spd components getting difficult to get these days. For extreme stuff in Wales 30 11/10-42 is adequate but a bit taxing. And I find spinning out not to be an issue. You know about the eye thing? As we say ... ‘how fast were you going down there...’ ‘well...my eyes were vibrating so much I couldn’t see...’ ‘ah...pretty fast then’. For us that happens a lot. Far more of a problem than spinning out.