25 years of Coed y Brenin - FAT TYRE REVOLUTION

The original event was seriously optimistic - timing alone was apparently set to cost £8k! So they tagged this Saturday TT on to the established Sunday Enduro. Made it into a proper weekend of festivity I thought, just a real shame there's no camping on site.
Sorry Neil I thought you knew it had moved I would have sent you a message otherwise.
If it's any consultation there was mention of making it a regular event...

I've just found this thread, and thought I'd pop up and say hello! It was great to see the older bikes doing what they were made to do, so hopeful there will be more such events in the future. I really like the photo someone took of me on the descent, which was completed more by sheer luck than skill!

A shame I had to head back after the film (dog was home alone) as it would have been fun to camp over and have a few drinks with people...


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'Twas good to meet you dude, loved the event and can't wait to go back across to Wales

Fantastic photo - the rack really makes it for me!

For those who weren't there, Mat blitzed the retro field on that gorgeous Yates, including taking 4th overall (behind two builders of the trail with 25 years practice and some modern contraption that cheated about 3minutes out of the descent :LOL: ). Absolutely stunning showing!

Welcome to RB, great to have you here :cool:

Thanks for the welcome and the bigging me up!

To be fair though, I did have a few things on my side - I had an early start on the time trial so didn't get stuck behind anyone, plus I'm fairly local so have ridden parts of the route before, although not the Slab. Plus I'm kind of 'familiar' with the way it handles after 20-30k miles riding it...anyone who's only had a bike for a couple of years is surely still getting used to it!

The other Yates there (on display) was truly gorgeous though - looked like it was brand new. Roll on next year :)
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dave_yates":azx5szbo said:
The other Yates there (on display) was truly gorgeous though - looked like it was brand new. Roll on next year :)

That'll be Martin's (Harry_Crumb) Diabolo - rest assured it does get well thrashed though ;) Mine is boxed up in need of a little work and then a respray/powder...