25 years of Coed y Brenin - FAT TYRE REVOLUTION


Just wanted to add a massive congratulations to HarryCrumb for being second fastest RetroBiker, great stuff :LOL:

Ace seeing such a spot on turn out; kit matched to bikes and everyone fully in the spirit, absolutely brilliant!

Bit drunk on local Welsh ale now, listening to the owls in the tree overhead and enjoying a view of the stars you'd struggle to better outside of a desert, amazing :cool:
Easy_Rider":1odf8v5q said:
Hopefully there's some pictures knocking about.

I hope so too, sounded like great fun. Hope weather was kind to you all. Very changeable down here.
Wish I could have made it.


Well this is a turn-up; home in time for four hours kip before work and I'm still chirpy despite the fact it's Monday - sure sign of a fantastic weekend!

Massive thanks to all involved in organising a fantastic weekend! Looked like a helluva lot of thought and effort went in behind the scenes and it really showed on the day.

I hope I'm not speaking out of turn to suggest this is likely to become an annual event, and I believe that the retro side could really grow into something special.

Two things I really appreciated were the film showing, which kept people on site and gave the evening focus, and the really top notch beer which quickly took it out of focus again! Also having the cafe stay open late was a big bonus - things like that made it feel like a properly thought through, complete event. So often people wander off straight a after their race, but this felt like a fully formed, day-long event, which was ace!

Lastly the RetroBike Massive, on fantastic form as always, with some stunning machines on display and - obviously - the strongest showing at the afterparty. Period-correct fashion all over the place, although some may not have been specific to the event... ;)

Thanks again to everyone involved - I'm looking forward to next year already!


ended up 117th on sunday!!!!, im happy with that and if id not stopped for the views as much couldve done much better!!!

overall a spot on weekend, great company, great event, great trails, great bikes, great beer and banter and more great!!!!! the shite weather on saturday didnt hamper owt and the bikes and riders performed extremely well imho

big thanks to Toby et al, the event was fantastic and i cant wait to see loadsa pics!!!!!

next year............................................lets help these guys make it a frickin belter :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :mrgreen:

Love that we're the cover photo for the event, awesome :LOL:

Gav & I are still in the general results, but hopefully we'll get moved to the retro list soon :)
Heads up to those who had a go on my bike on Sunday, I've weighed everything up and it's has to go.
I'll pm those I can remember and I will consider px. and I'm needing a modern bike a Ritchey Timberwolf would be nice but
Bit cloak and dagger but first refusal