2018 retro revolution at coed y brenin


I'm away for a stag do abroad so can't make it which is gutting.

from what I've been led to believe it's a retro ride out for grub out on the trails Saturday and the enduro is normally on the Sunday. cracking trails, very well organised by friendly folk and worthy of the trip. I'll check with he organisers if it's any different to previous years with showing etc

I missed this, can’t believe it’s that time of year again. I’ll get my place booked

Looks like I got a bit over excited - think I’ll be doing other things that weekend - have fun guys.

Si F

The bikes are ready

The camper is ready

Not sure if I am, but it is too late now :facepalm:

See you all there at some point on Friday night.


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weather's looking better than previous years have loads of fun and think of me while sipping ale