For Sale 20mm thru to 5mm QR adapters

Hey, don't be embarrassed about it, I'd suggest the post gets moved into general chat and more people will be aware of these things. I was looking for a converter for a rear 12mm hub to use on my Trek as the original Bulb axles are NLA and it was through all the years of having used the different axles, and tbh a bit of 'just knowing' that I spotted the duds amongst the genuinely useful ones. Even a 20mm to 15mm boost one for the front I'm unsure of because of relative disc mounting positions and such. Hopefully you manage to find a solution for your front wheel.
A 20mm to 15mm boost converter works - axle diameter reducer, width stays at 110mm, and then you use a 5mm spacer on the disc rotor itself to move it further outboard.