1. Retrorik

    For Sale 20mm thru to 5mm QR adapters

    Hi I have a set of hub adapters for sale to fit 100mm thru axle hubs. I bought them recently as I thought they would work with my vintage DT swiss hugi Hayes front hub but don't as they are 110mm, they are compatible with other makes i.e hope etc. Fiver for the pair 👍
  2. Retrorik

    Wanted Wanted ! Dt swiss hugi Hayes 20mm thru to 5mm Q/R adapters.

    Hi all I wonder if anyone has or knows where I can get the adapters for this front hub. It's a 20 mm thru but I need the qr adapters as I'm running qr bombers on my Kona and don't want to have to change my forks. I e contacted dt swiss and they can't help 😕 tried all the usual places to no...
  3. B

    For Sale Stooge Rambler single speed custom build 54cm 27.5"

    Hey folks, Selling another bike that's been sitting unused. This one was a real passion build but unfortunately has only need ridden once or twice. Intended it to be a single speed bikepacking bike but to be honest, I have too many bikes as is. Shame when mostly everything is brand new on the...