1998 Kona Hei Hei


Dirt Disciple
Did the black aftermarkets came triple butted? Correct me if I'm wrong, they CM/TB P2's only came in dark silver and bronze/gold..?


Retro Guru
Some how missed this Pete. Congrats!

My 2p, keep: tune, kooka, sunsets, skin walls, ti bar.
No to the carbon barends -fugly. Swap flite to black, (reduce extra colours).
Add black P2’s - it’ll be crazy light, they just work and who really needs suspension anyhow. 😋
Fill remaining holes with as much XTR M95x as possible, ride and enjoy!! It will be sublime. ✌🏻


Retro Guru
I like titanium Konas. I have two myself. After this beautiful frames I also enjoy watching different build with different components on them. So I can’t wait for even more pictures. 😛