1996 Specialized Stumpjumper A1 FS - Query?


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As it happens my Blue Indigo came with the RockShox Quadra 21R forks & Black LX brake arms that really belong to a 1996 A1 FS, an upgrade since its original state, which I am of course reverting back to so these will have to go from mine.

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The forks are hydracoil Judy's. They are coil-spring-"swimming"-in-oil type of forks.I like those. They are very good if you look for low maintainance.


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That's a nice survivor. I have a '95 S-Works Rockhopper and have put thousands of miles on it. Very nicely made frames.


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Thias .. - That’s great news re the hydracoil Judy’s, cheers. Low maintenance -- now that appeals.
Luckily when I took the bike round the block the other day I noticed the forks were moving smoothly/progressively through the ruts and pot holes on the city streets round here (like XC 🙂). So that’s one less task ahead…


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AHAHAH1966. Thank you for the feedback and postings - good to see the detailed specs for the Chromoly FS and A1 FS bikes side by side like that.

Dales is a large long-established bike retailer in Glasgow, and attracted buyers throughout central Scotland and beyond. You got yourself a bargain at £700 back in 1996 👍
I enclose for comparison the Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op 1996 catalogue of the same bike, red & indigo, extolling the virtues of the Tange Prestige chromoly frame, and priced at £799. It recommends (straight face) that if you’re planning a visit to the Andes, you take a Stumpie steel rather than carbon-fibre or titanium!

If you have the space, why not keep both bikes, one in pristine condition, and the other for knocking about on?!
P.S. That’s a very nice original A1 FS for sale on EBay, and a good reference point … that would be my pristine example.🙂


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Thanks for the Edi Bike page - the Andes comment is very much their style, and great to see the blurb on 'my' bike from back in the day.

In my journey to re-obtain a red rigid steel Stumpy 1996 I've ended up with 7 rigid steel Stumpies from 1992-97 and a retrobike addiction. Something has to give and I plan to reduce by at least 2 down to a mere 5. That'll be the red one that I wanted and eventually found, and 4 of the other 6 I acquired along the way. All great bikes and all for riding.

The good old days of end of season sales got me £200 off the RRP then. Such sales won't be happening again for a few more years given the current demand vs supply for bikes.
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If it's a candy red 96 steel stumpjumper FS you are after I have one for sale


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Sounds like you've had an interesting journey to track down that elusive 96 Stumpjumper with Tange Prestige chromoly frame and in team red --- mission complete!