1. Neko

    Specialized M2 Info Thread/Serial Registry

    Hi all! I would like to share my accumulated knowledge of Specialized’s M2 (Metal Matrix) frame lineup from 1991 to 2000. I will also include a serial registry here to help me (and others) better understand date and color differences between years and trims that may not be entirely obvious. The...
  2. S

    1988 Team Stumpjumper

    Everything started (again) some months ago, while looking for some period accessories for my 1989 HardRock Comp. Then this popped up… “Wait, is that a Stumpie?” I wasn’t really looking for a stumpjumper but I started wondering: “how hard would it be to find a team stumpjumper?” Then an alert...
  3. bobsmart567

    Surly Extraterrestrial 26x46c

    Just installed a pair of these nice looking Surly Extraterrestrial tubeless on my ‘96 Stumpy. Bit of a challenge to get them mounted (home air compressor not strong enough - but a CO2 did the trick and they finally sealed). They look pretty sharp - we’ll see how they ride on gravel. Any experience?
  4. bobsmart567

    1996 StumpJumper A1 FS - New life for my old friend

    My '96 StumpJumper was a gift for my 30th birthday. It came close to being put on the curb a few times, and I'm so glad I always came to my senses and held on to it. Over the years, it's gotten a few new parts to bring it in to the future (rigid fork, shorter stem, wider handlebars, dropper...
  5. obi-wan-mtb

    Specialized Stumpjumper Handmade in Japan

    My old FSR Sull suspension. Have the bike for years but only saw this this weekend!?! :rolleyes: ”handmade in japan” Never new…! Aynone knows till when Specialized made there steel Stumpjumpers in Japan? Thanks!
  6. MuchAlohaNui

    Manual 1993/94 Specialized Bicycle Owner Handbook & New Bike Information

  7. R

    For Sale 2008 Specialized Stumpjumper FSR S Works

    It is time to say goodbye to this beauty. Size Large - fully working. £1000 ish The wheels were rebuilt and in good nick. I have the original tyres (nearly new) and original stem on the new bike if a collector and a serious offer is made. There is a guide price in one of the links ($1100...
  8. billygoat

    Sold 1996 Voodoo Hoodoo, steel frame

    I've got a 1996 Voodoo Hoodoo up for sale. I believe it's a 16", comparable to a S/M, but I've ridden it comfortably with the seat up (5'10"). Good condition, everything functions well. Original owner. This was a steel frame bike built by Joe Murray. If you haven't ridden one, they're incredibly...
  9. N

    Wanted Late 80s/early 90s Stumpjumper 19-20"

    On the lookout for a late 80s or early 90s Specialized Stumpjumper frame, with effective top tube roughly 22 - 23.5". Paint can be in bad condition, I'll be turning it into a bikepacking bike so it won't be hanging on the wall, but will get loved & used... Ideally 1" steerer. Ideally it would...
  10. S

    Wanted 2007 Specialized stumpjumper FSR pro carbon (in green, size L or maybe M)

    Preferably just the frame so I can build it up however I want. May also consider the alloy comp version as a stopgap measure.
  11. B


    Well hi. I was wondering what width it is on a specialized stumpjumper 97-98 bottbracket? I'm looking to buy one, but don't have a bottombracket to measure on.
  12. B

    Specialized Stumpjumper 1990 - For Free

    Picked this up on Facebook marketplace the other day for free. A very nice lady had advertised a job lot of all things bike related she had found underneath the overgrowth in the new house she had just moved into. She told me to take whatever I wanted as she just wanted it gone from her new...
  13. P

    Sold Specialized Stumpjumper Pro 1992- 17” PRICE REDUCED

    Had this bike for 15 years and love it but no room in the shed. Lots of nice original parts if a bit scruffy. £100 Burgess Hill, Sussex.
  14. rubon87

    Sold Specialized Stumpjumper 1992 *SOLD

    bike in excellent condition, shimano deore dx groupset, size 45vertical 55horizontal, michelin taiga tires. price 330 + shipping cost. Located in Italy.
  15. J

    1982 Stumpjumper - build thread :)

    Hi all, new here but have made a few purchases on the classifieds and wanted to share the project. I picked up a 1982 Stumpjumper, in an XL(!) and looking to build it up to ride and enjoy. I'm quite sure it's the frame from this listing previously on Retrobike (dealer sticker and common marks)...
  16. C

    1996 Specialized Stumpjumper A1 FS - Query?

    Background: So I was initially looking around for a nice set of Mavic X 217 or 517 rims/wheels to replace the 117's on my Cannondale. I found a pair on EBay, but they were already attached to a bike. No matter, the seller kindly couriered the Stumpjumper all the way from Barnstaple, Devon...
  17. Z

    1999 Specialized Stumpjumper Pro

    Hi retrobike forum. Just wondering if anyone knows what this bike might be worth? I had this bike handed down to me by a friend when I was younger, it’s had a lot of use and has a fair bit of wear and tear on the paint and a lot of the parts are certainly not original. But it’s Well serviced and...
  18. T

    For Sale FS: 2019 Specialized Stumpjumper Evo 29 X01/Dt swiss

    I am currently selling my beautiful Specialized Stumpjumper Evo 29 that has been fitted out with a 2021 Sram xo1 drivetrain with a Kmc gold chain with a brand new Dt swiss ex471 rim laced with a ($680) dt swiss 240s straight pull boost hub. It has also recently gotten new oil and seals in the...
  19. G

    '97 M2 Pro Stumpy Score

    Great score a few weeks ago, popped up on FB marketplace SUPER cheap and jumped on it! First buyer backed out luckily so I was able to scoop it up just a few hours after it was posted. Its a '97 Stumpjumper M2 Pro, 16" ish frame, its in pretty good shape but not dents, just normal scratches...
  20. drystonepaul

    1996 Specialized Stumpjumper

    1996 Specialized Stumpjumper I got this 20 inch frame a few weeks ago from Rampage for the princely sum of just £20. Cosmetically it certainly has patina, but it's structurally fine and free of any rust. So after establishing it's a 96 indigo blue Stumpjumper I set about deciding how to go...