1. Neko

    Specialized M2 Info Thread/Serial Registry

    Hi all! I would like to share my accumulated knowledge of Specialized’s M2 (Metal Matrix) frame lineup from 1991 to 2000. I will also include a serial registry here to help me (and others) better understand date and color differences between years and trims that may not be entirely obvious. The...
  2. D

    For Sale Specialized Allez Comp Frameset - Zebra Acqua Sapone colours

    For sale is a Specialized Allez Comp frameset in zebra Acqua Sapone colours. c. 2005 ish. I think. Price £100 + postage, or collect from Tadcaster. I bought this on a bit of a whim several years ago, as I liked the look of the frameset, then read a bit about the history of the Acqua Sapone...
  3. S

    1988 Team Stumpjumper

    Everything started (again) some months ago, while looking for some period accessories for my 1989 HardRock Comp. Then this popped up… “Wait, is that a Stumpie?” I wasn’t really looking for a stumpjumper but I started wondering: “how hard would it be to find a team stumpjumper?” Then an alert...
  4. Bartalin8

    Specialized M2 1993 (?)

    I just found this beautiful frameset, it looks like a 1993 Specy M2, but the serial number looks weird to me. Can someone help me to identify it? Thanks
  5. D

    1995 Specialized Hardrock GSX project - Complete with Photos

    Hi all, sharing this ongoing project. Found this frame and fork at a local car boot sale (Flea market / Garage sale for my non UK friends). Although it had parts of a headset the fork was separate. As you can see it had chain, front and rear derailleur, bottom bracket and crank / pedals...
  6. G

    For Sale Specialized Sworks M2 Metal Matrix

    Specialized M2, top condition and a dream bike barn find, owned by a Dutch Specialized representative who unfortunately passed away. The bike appears to have had a previous racing history but I have not been able to verify this, it was then kept by his brother-in-law for 14 years and is now...
  7. bobsmart567

    1996 StumpJumper A1 FS - New life for my old friend

    My '96 StumpJumper was a gift for my 30th birthday. It came close to being put on the curb a few times, and I'm so glad I always came to my senses and held on to it. Over the years, it's gotten a few new parts to bring it in to the future (rigid fork, shorter stem, wider handlebars, dropper...
  8. obi-wan-mtb

    Specialized Stumpjumper Handmade in Japan

    My old FSR Sull suspension. Have the bike for years but only saw this this weekend!?! :rolleyes: ”handmade in japan” Never new…! Aynone knows till when Specialized made there steel Stumpjumpers in Japan? Thanks!
  9. MuchAlohaNui

    Manual 1993/94 Specialized Bicycle Owner Handbook & New Bike Information

  10. R

    For Sale '97 Specialized Hardrock resto-mod

    Hi there, I have stripped the bike down to the bones and completely overhauled and serviced everything. It’s come back to life as a 1x10 conversion. Full new parts list: Microshift advent X drivetrain KMC 10 speed chain WTB saddle WTB grips Brand new crankset/narrow wide chainring Billy bonkers...
  11. A

    My S-works Epic Ultimate

    How much is my 'Sworks Epic ultimate' worth ? :) frame top lenth(cTOc) around 58cm XTR m950-952 parts.. and i just find a Specialized Fsx(future shock) for 1" with steeter tube over 18cm.. :)
  12. K


    Hi all, I’m looking for some help / advice. My father was previously an avid user of retrobike under the name Kirbdug and had a small collection. Unfortunately in December he passed suddenly leaving behind some of his mountain bikes. I’ve little knowledge of the bikes, mostly because one...
  13. R

    For Sale 2008 Specialized Stumpjumper FSR S Works

    It is time to say goodbye to this beauty. Size Large - fully working. £1000 ish The wheels were rebuilt and in good nick. I have the original tyres (nearly new) and original stem on the new bike if a collector and a serious offer is made. There is a guide price in one of the links ($1100...
  14. Stanflashm4n

    Top tube cable guide/stop

    Not sure of the correct term for this but I wondered if anyone could suggest a clip on cable guide/stop type thing (or something that will do the job) for a frame that doesn’t have one. It’s a 1996/97? Specialized Hardrock gx sport and I want to put v brakes on it, it just has this little noodle...
  15. M

    1994 Specialized Rockhopper comp, first upgrades

    Hello, I want to share my flea market find. I bought it for $150, bike is in perfect condition, but it turned out to be too small for me, so I made some alterations I replaced the stem with a high-rise BBB stem and the handlebars with Funn Full On bars Since I hate grip shifters, I took...
  16. G

    Sorted Looking for a Cannondale/Specialized/Trek frameset

    Hello, I want to build a new project so I am looking for a frameset to buy: Cannondale M500 M700 M900 M1000 M2000 or SM (Pepperoni would be ideal) Trek SingleTrack MountainTrack Antelope 800 series or 900 series 7000 Specialized StumpJumper RockHopper Size M/L I'm located in France my budget...
  17. R

    Specialized Hardrock

    After searching around for a while, I came across this Specialized Hardrock on FB marketplace and grabbed it. It appears to be mostly original other than the seat and a few other bits. I'm not sure of the year, perhaps someone could help me out here? The drivetrain needs some work, I had the...
  18. Geordie-O

    Dave Yates Diabolo - thoughts?

    I'm having a bit of a dilemma. What to do with old bikes. I've got my eye on a new bike but need to make space and something has to give. There's one or two bikes which never see the light of day anymore which is a shame but if I keep everything I'll soon not be able to move. Anyway, im thinking...
  19. rouge_prawn

    1992 Specialized S-Works Cross

    Hey everyone, 26" MTB established most of the basic characteristics of modern mountain bike technology. The experiments manufacturers conducted regarding frame shapes and bike geometries resulted in a list of "what not to do" when designing bikes. Drawing from all the experience gained from...
  20. N

    Wanted Late 80s/early 90s Stumpjumper 19-20"

    On the lookout for a late 80s or early 90s Specialized Stumpjumper frame, with effective top tube roughly 22 - 23.5". Paint can be in bad condition, I'll be turning it into a bikepacking bike so it won't be hanging on the wall, but will get loved & used... Ideally 1" steerer. Ideally it would...