1992 Nishiki Alien SP


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Smithjss70":1s62yqph said:
Love your Alien. My first MTB was a Cascade in 88/89ish

Cheers. It's my only completely finished Retro at the moment :facepalm: so is ridden regularly, it climbs amazingly and the AMP fork despite only having about 35mm of travel works very well. My riding buddies think I'm nuts when I turn up on it but when I beast them on the climbs they can't quite believe it..as I tell them, it " Climbs like a Goat but descends like a Pig" :D


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Smithjss70":ev3fkw8s said:
They do climb well. I have a AMP Research B2 which I may have ridden twice. Cool fork and frame. I collect and restore older Yetis for the most part but have a 98 a ARC with full XTR as my daily rider. Here is a link to some of my bikes and parts.

https://imageshack.com/user/smithjss1970 Cheers, Jason

Very jealous of the Tioga Disk Drive and the Hed Rims and it seems you have a very bad case of Ringleitis!!


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Indeed, I'm afflicted with Ringleitis. Love Geoff's, Grafton's and many others innovative spirit and use of CNC during the hay day of MTB. Yes, the TDDs are hard to find in usable condition. I have a Disk Drive Pro as well built up with a M900 hub and laced to an M231 hard ano but it's circa 92-93ish so a little late for most of my builds and interest. A Tomac spec'd Raleigh would be cool though.