1991 Raleigh Dyna-Tech Encounter


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Bought new in 1991 to replace a Raleigh Technium Killer Instinct that was stolen. :cry:

Pretty much standard except for SPD pedals and slick tyres but I still have the original Deore LX pedals and tyres tucked away in a cupboard somewhere in case I want to restore it to original spec. Tyres might be a bit ropey after 18 years though!

Used as my daily commuter from 2002 to last year and has probably done about a million miles but is still in fairly decent condition for its age.





Edited for better photos.
I sincerely approve!!

a few Dynatechs popped up lately, coincident with my being broke! not that this one is for sale but others have been............
I bought one of these brand new in September 1992 (£400) after my 89 Raleigh Massif was nicked, looked after it well & used for light road use. My friend had had a Mission for a year or so by then and I was impressed with the look of the 91 Dynatechs. Some silly cow opened a door onto the frame in May 2002, throwing me into the middle of the road & unable to walk for 2 months.
I still have it, original apart from the pedals - but obviously with a dent in the top frame :(

Have since bought a load of old Raleigh MTB's including a Dynatech Sentinel - would love to find a mint Encounter (and a Mission come to think of it)
Nice mate. I sold my encounter frame a few months back as I am moving house and needed to stream line. Gutted now. even offered to buy it back.