1991 Kona Explosif - The Purple One


Retro Guru
Move along...there's nothing to see here...other than some bits brought together by my LBS (Bicycle Ambulance, Cambridge - Andy's built plenty of wheels for me - top notch).
These Vittorias were the MOST b@stardish to put on. Honestly, if I was on a trail-side with a puncture I would have been gently sobbing. I've removed and put on tyres in the depth of winter on my commuter with sobbing....these would have left me in a ditch to die.
Pictures! New rims, new rear XT with a cheeky Ti axle, VVGC Ringle front. Got some T-Gear Ti quick release skewers coming from a German Ebay seller (was tempted by non-QR Ti allen skewers). Need to press on with some decals from Gil, then get the frame and forks off to someone, probably Mercian for paint.