1991 Alpinestars Al-Mega DX


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As a former avid Alpinestars collecteur this one isn’t quite my cup of tea but props to you for the effort.

I’m curious about the gusset under the DT/HT junction; you said in your opening post it’s crack free but that is not a standard piece of welding. Or is it? I’m genuinely curious.

The turquoise Ringlé stem is the weakest link (in terms of colour) so if you want to sell it hit me up.

Overall: bravo! Nice to see another 91 AM DX saved.

EDIT: totally OT but your username takes me back to being 16 (yeah sixteen) and driving my mate’s R5 GT Turbo. What a blast that thing was!
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Hi Regan,
With regards the gusset there appears to be 3 iterations of the 91 Al-Mega. Below is purely my guess.

1st version - No gusset. Guess they realised this was an issue so...
2nd version - What I have which I assume was a 'quick fix'
3rd version- the same gusset as on the 92 model so I can only assume that was later into the production run.

Check out the picture of the al-mega near the bottom of this page. Has the same gusset as mine if you zoom in a bit. https://www.mtbr.com/threads/old-neon-bike-photos-please.373173/page-9

Agree with the stem. I was going to get it anodised in purple, as Acorn plating is only local, but trying to get together a bunch of parts for my next project and get them done in one hit. Of course if you have a 1 1/4" in purple I'm happy to trade.

Appreciate it's not everyones cup of tea this one but as my next few builds are rather conservative I wanted to have a bit of fun on this one and go OTT. Plus most of the purple parts, not all, are from my stash of parts I bought, and used, in the 90's so it's nice to have a home for them where they can be looked at rather than sitting a box.

and yeah I'm biased but the 5 GT Turbo is one of the best factory cars ever made for pure fun.