1990 Dawes 'Fat Chance' 30 years later restoration

Hello. I appreciate this is a few years after the original post, but however…
I purchased a sequence of MTB’s from Harry Hall’s in Manchester, during the period 1989-1991. A fluorescent green Marin Muirwood was the first, a Matt Grey grit textured Bear Valley the third, but in between these, I owned a Dawes Fat Chance, identical to the bike that sedicirch has refurbished. It was the least fashionable of the three, with a paint colour that left you permanently concerned about your taste, and was heavy. But what it lacked in style it recovered in rarity, as so few were on the streets. I purchased a rear rack and panniers and cycled from Ludlow, to Kidderminster then to Abergavenny on it, enjoying the descents mostly. It was at home in the Brecons. As per the Marins, the bike was stolen in Manchester from my place of work. I miss it still. Thanks for illustrating your careful refurbishment.
It may yet get the full re-spray and decals like the same year The Edge I'm agonising at the moment (Which is now sprayed and Decal'd up). No question those bikes are heavy, lugged steel - I have another frame next to a 92 cadex, the difference is measurable in light years.