1988 Mountain Goat Deluxe bike thread


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Mountain Goats have always been a favorite vintage MTB. The filet brazing craftsmanship/paint quality are always off the charts cool and handmade in the USA with very low production numbers. I'd never seen a Deluxe model in person before and seldom ever seen one for sale, especially in my size. A couple years back two did show up for sale on ebay but they quickly were bid out of my price range. One of those bikes was the 1988 Deluxe model with the Flames paint job with full Campagnolo group, which happened to be one of Jeff Archers (RIP) Mombat museum bikes. http://mombatbicycles.com/MOMBAT/Bikes/1988_Mountain_Goat_Deluxe.html

I've said it before on other threads, Jeff Archer is one of the Godfathers of vintage MTB's in the USA and before I found Retrobike UK, his Mombat site was my go to for information, pics and links.

Fast forward to a few months back when that same bike showed up on eBay again. Gentlemen who purchased it previous had not taken it out of the box since purchasing it and only partially assembled for his auction listing. The listing wasn't perfect and it did not do the bike justice. I watched it sit for months then approached the seller and we made what I thought was a killer deal.

The bike had been sitting for years, not ridden. I've since cleaned it up, added new Bullseye wheels to replace the original Campys, upgraded the seatpost to an nos Kingsberry, replaced dry rotted tires and grips.
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It's impossible to get pictures that do this bike justice. The tube shape changes and flawless fillet brazing is like nothing I've seen before. The main paint color is kind of a combination of black metallic/root beer color, the gold fleck is stunning and the flames.IMG_5205.jpegIMG_5277.jpeg
That is off the charts beautiful 😍

Congrats on securing the purchase, I also lean toward the black saddle

I'd definitely love to have some Campy kit someday 👍