1984 Claud Butler Majestic


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legrandefromage":1vntksz1 said:
'position of spring' - usually end of March in the Northern Hemisphere

Alternatively, somewhere across the floor of the workshop, usually underneath something immovable.

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OK... the SIS vs friction question is beginning to look moot. So far in attempting to remove the freewheel I've only succeeded in wrecking a brand new freewheel tool. To make matters worse I had to pull the axle to get it to fit. Without removing the freewheel servicing the hub is going to be a bit fiddly...

I suppose the good news is that the freewheel itself appears unscathed by the experience.

Maybe here and now it's an LBS job... I've got a good tool and a vice in storage but "locked down" 200 odd miles away...

Or could just clean up as best as possible and keep the existing freewheel/shifters.

Hmm... :?


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Captain Stupido

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legrandefromage":19om577x said:
some of those tools are nasty cheap, I had one snap completely in two

This is a Super-B, made in Taiwan. Should be OK quality and looks well made but clearly it's made of softer metal than the freewheel itself. Might try to get a refund. I've bought Super-B stuff before and to tell the truth it's always been a bit so-so. Probably give the brand a swerve from now on.