1. KitMoorkit

    For Sale Ringle 27.2 Seatposts Red and Blue

    The blue one is in NOS condition with paperwork and original packaging. The red one has a crack, but it is possible to combine the parts if the colors of your build fit. The price for both is 110€, including shipping.
  2. T

    Withdrawn Thomson Elite seatpost 27.2mm

    Thomson Elite seatpost 27.2mm couple of scratches but generally okay £20 plus £4.45 postage
  3. Bike Creatively

    Reduced 1=£6, 2=£11, 3=£15; +postage

    Having a big clear out so…. Now reduced to 1 for £6, 2 for £11, 3 for £15 and the postage fee will be extra but likely £3-5 Evri. I’ll add a full list later with clamp/post/stem diameters and other details but please fire away with any questions or requests for specific pics. Payment will be via...
  4. valleyman

    For Sale KALLOY Seatpost 26.8 mm from 1992 (KHS Montana Team) Reduced

    Kalloy Aluminium seatpost, 26.8 mm diameter, about 27 cm length, in good conditions, slighty used, production year 02/92, first equipped on a 1992 KHS Montana Team MTB, please see pics. 40 --> 35--> 30 Euros Price is in Euros without shipping cost, please contact me direct for an actual...
  5. Dream Bikes

    Sold Easton CT2 - MG60

    For sale a set of Easton parts in very good conditions : - Easton CT2 Carbon Handlebar 5° x 580 mm, 25.4 mm, 124 grams - 40 euro + shipping - Easton CT2 Carbon Seatpost 31.6 x 350 mm, 189 grams - 50 euro + shipping - Easton MG60 Magnesium stem 0° x 110 mm, 25.4 mm, 196 grams - 50 euro +...
  6. Dream Bikes

    For Sale NOS orange parts, Tune, Extralite, Acros

    For sale complete package of vintage NOS orange anodized CNC parts, include : - Tune Geiles Stem 6° x 110 mm for 25.4 mm handlebar and 1.1/8" forks - 80 euro - Tune Starkes Stuck Seatpost 31.6 x 340 mm - 80 euro - Tune AC 16-17 Skewers with titanium axles and levers - 40 euro - Acros Clockworx...
  7. S

    Wanted Older version SRAM truvativ descendant seatpost in ⌀31.6mm🙏

    I'm specifically after this exact model (as pictured) because it's for a bike with a very slack 58° seat tube angle. The newer descendant model doesn't have such an extreme seatpost head cradle angle...😟
  8. A

    seat post sizing dilemma advice

    Hey guys, im a long time lurker ready to jump into this forum. I bought an 80's frame with a seized seatpost that the previous owner tried to hacksaw out. They didn't manage to get it out, but sure did scrape the frame with the blade. After a whole bottle of lye, i finally destroyed the...
  9. T

    Wanted PMP Titanium Skewers, Seatpost and Clamp

    Hey guys, I got my hands on a Mega Pro XL frame in Pantani colors, now working on building it up. I managed to track down most of the accurate Campy parts, now I'm looking for the PMP titanium components: Pair of skewers Seatpost (27.2), regular or Bianchi version Seatpost clamp If anyone...
  10. J

    [Orange P7 1995] Combined seat post/saddle by design?

    Hi All, Another rookie question about my Orange P7! I assume this is the original seatpost and saddle, but they seem to be one piece? Not sure if I am just being really dense here, but there doesn't appear to be any way to remove the saddle except for bending the inner ring a lot, which seems a...
  11. Euclid

    Sold NIB Dura Ace 7410 seatpost NJS

    Up for sale a NIB Dura Ace 7410 seatpost. I'm asking 200 euro. Mail charges via registered (signed-for) mail consist of 15 euro. Please feel free to write me to receive more pics/info. Pick up in person is available in Como, Italy.
  12. V

    Swap Paul Components 27.2 seatpost

    Hi, Would like to trade my silver Tall and Handsome Paul Components 27.2mm seatpost for a 30,9mm black one. Anyone? If you’re interested in buying it let me know. It’s as new.
  13. forent27

    SCOOT TEAM RACING 1993 seatpost size?

    Hii guys, need urgent help, currently im facing a problem, i got these frame a while ago with a strong japan seatpost diameter 26.4mm, but unfortunely all of the suddent it cracked when i was riding it and im looking for a new seatpost right now. when the 26.4mm seatpost was mounted it seems had...
  14. retroJIM

    Sorted Black 29.6 seat post and black 31.8 Seat clamp

    Any colour you like as long as it's black :cool:
  15. T

    Identify my seatpost & help please!

    Hi All, Can't figure out how to attach an image duh! See link.... I'm thinking that this is a USE post but it doesnt have elastomers so not like the ones online. If anyone does know. Can you advise me on how to...
  16. K

    Marin Palisades Trail 1994 seatpost size?

    Hello! I'm restoring a 1994 Palisades Trail but it's missing a seatpost. I'm measuring 26.8 but Sheldon Brown's website says that 93-94 Palisades had "26.4 or 27.2?" seatposts. The 94 Marin catalogue I found only says that it had a Marin Lite seatpost, so I'm kind of confused. Does anyone know...