SCOOT TEAM RACING 1993 seatpost size?


Dirt Disciple
Hii guys, need urgent help, currently im facing a problem, i got these frame a while ago with a strong japan seatpost diameter 26.4mm, but unfortunely all of the suddent it cracked when i was riding it and im looking for a new seatpost right now. when the 26.4mm seatpost was mounted it seems had a lil gap with the seat tube, so i assumeed 26.6 was the right size, so i bought a ritchey force seatpost with 26.6mm, but 26.6mm was hard to mount the seatpost, does 26.6mm too big or is it the right size? is there anyone of u guys know what is the right seapost diameter for scott team racing 1993? if you guys happen to know abt it, please kindly do let me know... appreciate it...
thank you


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