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  • I'd like to buy those Cinelli toe clips.
    Would you sell to USA?
    I'm in San Diego County in California, USA.
    Postal (ZIP) Code is 91905
    Thanks very much for your consideration,
    Good afternoon Frank and greetings from Italy.
    Hope all is well there.
    It passed some time since you bought some XT 730 NOS parts of mine. Do you remember?
    By the way my Cinelli toe clips comes from same Cinelli MTB that offered the above mentioned components.
    Of course no problem in shipping them to San Diego.
    I'll get info on mail charges and I'll let you know in a while.
    See you later:)
    Hi Frank.Attached please find a table from Italian Post web site: it shows registered mail rates, depending on weight and destination.
    As parcel weights about 250g, mail charges are 18.65 eur. By the way I own three NIP sets of these Cinelli toeclips + toestraps: maybe some bike friend of yours can be interested in them. If so I can send all of them for 26.90 eur, as shown in table.
    Please let me know. All the best.


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