manitou 2

  1. fguki

    For Sale 1993 MARIN Pine FRS project frame set with Manitou 2 front & rear

    In spring 2021 I was happy to get one of the 1993 MARIN Pine FRS frame sets. Over the last 2 years, the two FRS models of that year have become very very rare I reconed. However, I am parting with it because I have reached the point on my pile of great retro frame set projects where I need to...
  2. fguki

    For Sale Answer MANITOU 2 Elastomers Service Kits - Brand New Sets Available Now!

    After having started with Manitou 1 and Manitou Comp it was only logical and just a short way to putting together the M2 sets now. Made in Germany. Brand new elastomer kits for retro suspension fork replacement service kit. SHORE 50 A. For riders between 70kg and 100/110kg. Manufactured by...
  3. fguki

    For Sale MANITOU 2 suspension fork steel spring repair & restoration kit springs

    [For sale] Full service & repair restoration steel spring kit for MANITOU 2 retro suspension forks. Engineered and made in Germany from highest class spring-steel (Federstahl). Suspension: 0 - 40mm maximum. Scope of delivery: - 2 or 3 suspension steel springs - 4x guidance bushings - 2x...
  4. fguki

    1993 Answer MANITOU System FS project build up Mountainbike thread

    Good day folks! I am starting a new build-up thread. This iconic 1993 Answer MANITOU FS frame & fork set has been lying around in my shop since February `21 now and its finally time to get it on! So, I bought this off eBay in January / February 2021 from an older couple saying that their son...
  5. nstarmore

    For Sale SOLD - Manitou 2 Fork 1 1/4 Threadless

    Hi all, As per the title, have a nice set of Manitou 2 forks for sale, equipped with a threadless 1 1/4" steerer I bought these to put on my Al Mega build but going to keep it rigid now. As you can see in the pics it's in really nice condition. Elastomers were reportedly replaced by a...