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    Bright Cinelli Sunglasses needed

    Bit of an update on marmite bike 🙂 after taking it out for a few rides i just couldn't get away with the riding position and that stem,far to upright for me. So saying i needed some of the parts it was stripped down again a T-bone stem fitted and this time i went with mostly Mountain LX parts...
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    1988 Marin Bear Valley

    Managed to get the brakes and gears all set up and a couple of photos of it under the kitchen lights.
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    Kona “black”

    Possibly after 92
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    Wanted Specialized Rockhopper or Stumpjumper

    Is this still available?
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    BoTM Ronezwun’s 1990 Valley Runner Carbon is Bike of The Month August 2021

    That's a lovely looking bike a worthy winner of BOTM 👌
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    1988 Marin Bear Valley

    Got the cables on and done a basic set up, i'm well chuffed with it if i do say so myself 😁 There's a still a few things to do with it before it's finished, like adding toeclips and touching up that paint loss which is really the only bad bit to the paint. Also fine tune all the gears and the...
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    1988 Marin Bear Valley

    Cheers mate 😁, just busy getting the cables on and it'll be done.
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    1988 Marin Bear Valley

    Before and after
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    1988 Marin Bear Valley

    Some more pics of the parts.
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    1988 Marin Bear Valley

    Well that's the hard part all done getting all the parts nice and shiny again, now to get it all cabled up and rideable.
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    Wanted Wheels:Shimano Deore ll black hubs on black rims. 7speed.

    I've got an interesting Kona build coming up and have decided on the wheels to start the build off. I'm after a set of the black version of the Shimano Deore ll hubs with the gold label laced to black rims, but open to silver rims possibly. Has anyone got any they'd like to part with. Cheers.
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    Specialized Stumpjumper Epic 1988 - the rebuild

    🧐 It's an 88 Stumpy Epic 😳 Following this build with great interest and also in the hope that one day in the future you may want to part company with it and let me add it to my 1988 Specialized collection, all i need is the Team and Epic for the full set 😁 As others have mentioned Gils the...
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    Unusual Kona

    Cheers Pip i love info like this. So it's definitely a very early Cindercone then, i wonder if it was an early pre production bike like crossing over from the Cascade to Kona what Joe Murray done. I've seen a Fire Mountain and Lavadome Cascade not sure if there was a Cindercone Cascade. Or maybe...
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    Unusual Kona

    Size wise it's a 19" frame. Definitely going to leave the stickers off that's the way it came out the factory and build it up. I'll do a build thread of it because it's a rare Kona in its own right and deserves to be giving a new lease of life.
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    Unusual Kona