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    Raleigh Peak?

    Set of wheels on ebay onyerbike, not the best.
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    Raleigh Peak?

    Mine was stolen at around six months old. From what I remember it was a good bike. I saw one that had £180 bid on it, didn't think they made that much money.
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    Raleigh Peak?

    Sorry Fred, I meant I had the red and yellow Yukon.
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    Raleigh Peak?

    I had that same coloured Yukon when it was new.
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    Raleigh Peak?

    1992 Raleigh Peak was a K2 frame. That's not I don't think. The frame sticker down by front derailleur and looks like 501.
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    Retro Music Lovers (up to and including 31/12/1999)

    The Who video is good, they looked to be enjoying themselves.
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    FS: The Ultimate in N.O.S!

    I remember these lights, the plastic bracket was large. You could get them in white, red, yellow and black. Had a Raleigh Yukon with red front and yellow back light.
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    Sold NOW SOLD KARMA - Raleigh Montage 23" - NOW ON EBAY AT 99p

    That would be here>
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    VP Bottom bracket rubbish?

    Bought a new bottom bracket for my 2002 Kona Kula. Fitted it and it's making creaking noises. Brand new, it's was around £15 posted so not that expensive but it should at least work. Mines a funny size being ISIS 68x113. Does anyone recommend a decent bottom bracket? Original one was FSA...
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    Hack bike

    I'm posting here so I get updates, :)
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    Someone listing a bike with my photos

    You can view anything without being logged in.
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    New (to me) bike

    Lucky to get the seat post out.
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    Retro Music Lovers (up to and including 31/12/1999)

    1955, that's some very impressive drumming. He could have stood in for Dave Lombardo :)
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    How do you carry spare disk brake pads?

    Obviously depends on compound, if racing you would need a hard wearing compound.
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    Why include the story without proof or corroboration?

    He's still not amused. Similar threads pop up in for sale ads, that's why people ask a question about old for sale threads.