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    Rick Powell (?) / Giant Cyclocross

    If you are not a member already there is a facebook group British Cyclocross Then and Now. If you search for Raleigh a few photos come up from that era, Steve Douce , Adrian Timmis etc.
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    Rick Powell (?) / Giant Cyclocross

    Needed a bit more reach so put the Cinelli bars back on and a longer and lower stem.
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    Raleigh 125th Anniversary - London - £200 - facebook
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    Raleigh Type 8803 531c - Portsmouth facebook
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    Rick Powell (?) / Giant Cyclocross

    Front brake setup is tight but works well: Brake posts 55.5mm centre to centre, external rim width 24mm, Brakes BR-M732, pads Koolstop canti thinline.
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    Rick Powell (?) / Giant Cyclocross

    Chainset below: Spa Cycles TD2 chainset with 28T ring in inner position and 40T ring in middle position. Fitted to a 113mm UN55 bottom bracket gave a measured Q factor of 162mm and chainline at the 28T is 37.5mm and 44.5mm at the 40T. To my surprise the 1056 front mech was able to be fitted...
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    Rick Powell (?) / Giant Cyclocross

    And 2 hours later.... already lost some paint from mud rub on the chainstays! Bike rides very well, feels quick to accelerate, and great in tight corners. Don't notice it being much more flexy in use than my modern.
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    Rick Powell (?) / Giant Cyclocross

    finished today!
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    Kona Lava Dome frame - Stroud - appears to be free
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    Dawes Mean street 21" Collection only B'ham 531 XT £20 start
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    Rick Powell (?) / Giant Cyclocross

    Thanks Old Ned for the history info. Lots of things got in the way of this bike but finally getting some time to build it up. Wheel build is nearly finished. I was going to go with a 1x8 drivetrain using the bar end shifters but have recently been doing more day rides mixing up road and...
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    danbe Feedback

    Bought a job lot of grips, all arrived as described, good price too.
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    Sold sold

    Have you still got the grips?
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    Bunch of vintage / old frames - collect Stonehouse, Glos

    Some of these don't look too bad.
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    Overbury Pioneer Hertfordshire

    Modded parts but paint looks lovely: