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    Wanted 3x7 (or 8) shifters

    Simplest is a set of bar-end shifters, any old ones and simply select friction. The amount of pull per click in 7s is sufficiently big that it generally shifts cleanly. I had forgotten about the Tourney ones. The Claris 8s are reportedly pretty good, although triples are rare. A full Campag 8s...
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    Wanted 3x7 shifter for 92 bike

    XTR was only ever 8 and up, sorry.
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    Wanted 3x7 (or 8) shifters

    There is only a single 7s brifter type, which are RX100. Alternatively early Sora existed in 7s, but with the Campag ergo-style thumb lever on the inside. I believe Microshift do some now, not sure if there is a triple option.
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    I want the answer and i want it NOW.........

    Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world. Archimedes. *also applies to bottom brackets **something else may break first.
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    'Correct' P2 Disc forks for 1997 Kona Explosif

    I think that the extra loading from the brake means that the fork has to be beefed up towards the tip - so no triple butting for discs. IIRC the fork like the one pictured above is longer (440mm perhaps?)
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    Long bolt to go from the back of the small chain ring into the RH crank arm. Where to get this?

    I had a similar issue on some Chorus alloy cranks (square taper) and FC-CE005 was right for the job. I bought from Mercian.
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    Basic iOS app for tracking (off road) miles ?

    Komoot works well for me.
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    Officially car and van free....a new life begins!

    I did it for three years while living in Singapore. But their public transport is integrated and wonderful. I cycle commuted daily in 32C and 90%+ humidity. There was never a need for a rain jacket, I was soaked regardless of the weather. UK public transport and cycling facilities are...
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    Are these bikes worth anything?

    The Carrera around £20 as super-cheap transport (no need to lock it as it's so horrible) or alternatively as an anchor. The Fisher is a little nicer, but it's essentially a 25 year old lower mid-range bike. It would make a respectable commuter for £50.
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    The cheap and cheerful slick tyre thread!

    Hmm, buy cheap pay twice. Honestly the Schwalbes are worth a few quid more.
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    The cheap and cheerful slick tyre thread!

    Schwalbe Marathon Greenguard are tough and reasonably priced at around £20 each, especially considering that they are surprisingly excellent performers for rolling resistance. I have run them for years on my tourer.
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    Campag freewheel /Bullseye

    Campag and Shimano have identical 7s spacing at 5.0mm. I happily ran a Campag 7 setup on a Shimano hub and cassette. Campag continues the 5mm spacing into 8s whereas Shimano squeezed it down to 4.8mm, which sort-of works with a Campag 7/8 setup, in the same way that the 7s Shimano thumbie with...
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    Fixing a Victorian

    I think it's an equivalent to butting - keep it thick at the ends but lighten the middle with the pressed recesses. (and like you I share the disability of an engineering degree)
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    For Sale Magura HS66 drop bar brakes front & rear set

    Not a daft price at all. I waited 4 years to find a set.
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    Bottom bracket with deep threads, Square taper or external

    Royce always seem to have deep threads to me. If it's the RHS, I would worry less about using a Shimano UN72 or similar as they have a nice shoulder to stop movement.