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    What the heck? Mercedes Benz Amp Research Cruiser Bike?

    Bikes from car makers are always rubbish or overpriced. Or both. I never understand why they bother. If it's for completeness in the garage, how about a Ferrari lawnmower?
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    wearing team jerseys- retro cool vrs all the gear no idea vrs just a bit naff

    I still ride around in my '94 Banesto jersey. I bought it because it was a decent one, still like it. I also have a spoof Molteni one for Pukka Pies. The La Vie Claire and Z designs are timeless. Not sure on many of the other designs (Mercatone Uno, Kelme, Mapei etc) which just look naff. Just...
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    Wanted 7sp shifters - not sure what I want really!

    Got a pair of 1998ish Alivio underbar shifters you can have for £15 posted. Tidy and in good working order.
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    1992 Dawes Super Galaxy - restoration complete!

    Coming together very nicely!
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    Confession time.....I'm gravel curious !

    Exactly. Or compare with MBUK that seems to take the view that you would die if you rode anything less than a full susser to Tescos for a pint of milk.
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    Confession time.....I'm gravel curious !

    So the bike industry, after over-specialising, has rediscovered the go-anywhere do-anything bike that's not too slow on road, will handle moderate off-road and can take a load. Just like road tourers or early 90's MTBs. In fact the sort of bike that suits most of us, most of the time.
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    trying to identify this Giant bikes year? any idea on weight?

    £70 for a tidy example as good transport or a decent tourer? Makes sense. It's a decent functional bike. Collectability / enthusiast value isn't much.
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    Importing car parts from Holland post Brexit - tax implications?

    You will pay UK VAT, but shouldn't be paying NL VAT. Depending on the part they may also be dutiable.
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    Sold Bontrager saddle

    Yes please! PM sent.
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    Help with Marin frame numbers please!

    I reckon it's a prototype or pre-production sample.
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    A Retro Road bike with that can keep up with the modern bikes - advice please ?

    Tektro R559 - deep enough for a 700c/27" conversion when the original had clearance for mudguards. Really good brakes, work very nicely with 1990s Campag Ergos.
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    Wanted Nice 94bcd 5 bolt cranks

    Yes, got some 175mm Middleburn RS7 square taper. Will dig out photos.
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    Wanted Headset tools

    A bearing press made from a length of M10 or M12 studding and penny washers (or the right size sockets from a 1/2" drive) works well for headsets.
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    Wanted Wanted cheap tidy small or XS framed bike - (14”)

    How about this 14" Kona frame and forks, plus some wheels?
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    Wanted Wanted: Tidy small frame bike…14”? £100, Essex area

    My Kona 14" Fire Mountain here: Any good?